SuperForce™ Sandblaster Attachment

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 Looking For A Way To Clean & Restore Anything Without Damage?

Introducing the SuperForce™ Sandblaster Attachment that gets you that deep clean that will leave any surface spotless. Do you need that little extra power that normal washers can't give you? If you answered yes then you can use our attachement to convert any pressure washer into a super blasting machine capable of removing all filth, paint, rust and more.



  • NO CLOG: We designed this sand blaster with na anti clog function. Other blasters constantly clog and cause more damage to your washers. Avoid all that with our SuperForce™ Sandblaster Attachment.
  • MULTIPLE GRAINS: Our attachement can handle different grains of sand. Use coarse grain for tougher projects and finer for smaller and easier jobs.
  • SMALL AREAS: It's hard to reach some nooks and crannies, they usually hold a lot of rust and paint. With our blaster you'll be able to blast out any tiny, deep groves within seconds. 
  • CLEVER SET UP: The small compact set up allows you quickly set up the blaster with a exisiting washer, bucket and sand. Simply place one end in the sand, connect to washer and blast away.


  • Pipe Length: 3m
  • Nozzle Material: Copper
  • Other Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Max Pressure: 180bar / 2600psi
  • Max Temperature: 60C / 140F
  • PSI: 1000-4000



  • 1x SuperForce™ Sandblaster Attachment
  • 1x 3m Pipe
  • 1x Safety Glasses
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