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Wrencho™️ Universal Double Ended Wrencho™️ Universal Double Ended
Wrencho™️ Universal Double Ended
from $39.95 $79.95
Here is the perfect tool that you should have in yourHouse should have! Do you have repair problems at home? Worry no more! The universal wrench can be used for disassembly and assembly of plumbing ceramics, pipe nuts and other items. It is suitable for more than 99% of all faucet nuts. The universal wrench is making waves online, find out why here!✔ Non-slip:The adjustable universal wrench has a dog-like rounded tooth structure, which makes it suitable for disassembling sink faucets. It also has teeth all around to prevent it from slipping off.✔ Convenient to use:The universal wrenchwith adjustable double end has an ergonomically designed short handle that you can work comfortably. The handle is convenient for use in small spaces and has the ideal handle size so you can hold it firmly in your hand without slipping.✔ Durable: made of aluminum alloy, the universal wrench is very sturdy, shockproof and durable. Specifications:Length: 270mmWeight: 220gMaximum opening: 80mmMaterial: Aluminum alloyWhat is included in the package?1x universal wrench
360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop - Replacement Pads 360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop - Replacement Pads
360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop - Replacement Pads
from $14.95 $29.95
Replacement Pads Only  
Mitre Pro 2 In 1 Mitre Pro 2 In 1
Mitre Pro 2 In 1
from $34.95 $69.95
ELIMINATE THE INACCURATE CUTTING PROCESS!!! No more having to re-do inaccurate cutting over and over again! Say goodbye to unevenly cut pieces of wood! This 2 in 1 tool is designed to accurately measure edges/angles and can be used as a template to make accurate cuts. Simply lock a measurement in place and put your piece of wood over the Mitre Pro™ and accurately cut! Benefits: No more wasted material- No more re-doing uneven cuts, cut accurately in one go. Get work done faster and more precise- Cut your work time in half and with zero mistakes. Can be done in one step- Measure angles/edges then proceed to cut material. Eliminate inaccurate cutting process- Easily and accurately cut material.   Features: Multi-functional- Can be used to measure and also to accurately make cuts! 2 moving arms- Allows you to measure angles anywhere from 85 to 180 degrees. Precise sawing- Cut accurately easily and hassle free! Built in lock- Measure corners then lock in place. Specifications: Material- ABS, PC, and Stainless Steel Size- 310 x 85 x 65MM (L x W x H)    
360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop 360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop
360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop
from $49.95 $149.95
【Make Clean Easier】The cleaning tray adopts the latest type of triangular design, 360° rotating mop head allows you to leave no dust in the dead corner, easily solve your stubborn dust in the corner of the wall, ceiling and window. 【Say no to danger】Extra-long 1.3m pole to easily reach dust locations and help you eliminate dust in a simpler way. 【Premium Material】The mop is equipped with thickened and encrypted microfiber mop cloth, which can quickly absorb water within 5 seconds and has superb adsorption ability, firmly locking in the dust. 【Protect your hands】Mimic hand washing cleaning design, integrated push-pull automatic water squeezing function, free your hands. Spcification: Size:130*27cm/51.18*10.62inch Material:PP/ Reinforced stainless steel Mop Wipe Material:Microfiber Color:Blue/ White Product weight: 700g Package includes: Triangle mop set  Cloth  
43110195462310,43110226460838, Glass Cutting Diamond Disc
Glass Cutting Diamond Disc
from $24.95 $59.95
  ✪ A FAST & PRECISE CUT ✪✪ CAN BE USED FOR WET OR DRY CUTTING ✪✪ HIGH QUALITY ✪         ✔︎ FAST & PRECISE CUT: The Glass Cutting Diamond Disc is high-temperature resistant for reduced vibration and straighter, chip-free, fast, accurate, and smooth cutting.   ✔︎ WIDE APPLICATION:  For smooth cutting, beveling, and grinding of jade, glass, wine bottles, ceramics, tiles, and more.   ✔︎ EASY TO USE: Designed for use with the Model 100 angle grinder, it is easy to install and is perfect for long and continuous wet or dry cutting.   ✔︎ HIGH QUALITY: The Glass Cutting Diamond Disc is manufactured from high-quality manganese steel material and long life. ✔︎ DESCRIPTION: Material: Diamond high manganese steel Weight: 0.16lb (75G) Size: 3-15/16  x 25/32  x 3/64  inch  (100 x 20 x 15 x 1mm)   ✔︎ PACKAGE INCLUDES : 1 or 5 x Glass Cutting Diamond Disc    
Universal Chainsaw Drill Attachment + Free eBook Universal Chainsaw Drill Attachment + Free eBook
Universal Chainsaw Drill Attachment + Free eBook
from $39.95 $79.95
  FEATURES Convenient to Use - Just insert and lock in place Auxiliary Handle - Comfortable to use in multiple positioning Easy to Modify - Alter your chainsaw attachment to suit your sawing needs Just Insert, Lock, & Saw! Engineered for comfort and ease of use. This Chainsaw Drill Attachment is comfortable, lightweight, and works with the power of your drill, whether it's battery or corded!The 4-inch blade provides you with enough room to saw small trees, 2x4s for woodworking, or your basic yard management.It's the perfect tool to have around for quick jobs! No more lifting out your heavy, inconvenient gas-guzzling chainsaw. This chainsaw attachment is portable, fast, and easy! Special design guiding plate with tungsten steel ball Lightweight size can be held with one hand. Deep quenching, wear-resistant, and smooth cutting.   Packing List:1 * Handle1* Guide Plate1* Chain1* Allen Key1* Screwdriver1* User Manual
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Wireless Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner 40127227101299,
Wireless Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner
$34.95 $79.95
Get rid of dust and crumbs from the hardest-to-reach spots in your vehicle or home, unlike traditional car vacuums that cost money, Wireless Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner includes a skinny, high-power head that can get in between cushion cracks or door holders. Compact, Easy To Store 6000PA Powerful Suction & Blower Lightweight, One Hand Use Wireless & Rechargeable, 6 Hours+ Battery-Life Wide Use - Vehicle, Computers, Home Long-Lasting Washable Filter Including 2 different heads, our soft brush head makes cleaning glass, lights or keyboards easy without scraping or harm. Use the brush to loosen up or scrub difficult areas while removing any debris.Rechargeable and wireless, easily clean without running wires or extension cords. The rechargeable battery has a life of 6+ hours making it easy to clean your vehicle on the go or in the driveway hassle-free.The lightweight, compact design allows you to store it in your glove box or in small areas so it's not floating around in your backseat. It also allows you to use it with one hand, unlike carwash bulky vacuum hoses.Specifications Size: 16.5*14.5*4cm (approx.) Weight:365g Battery: 2000 mAh Vacuum suction: 6000Pa
-57% sale
Standing Plant Root Remover Standing Plant Root Remover
Standing Plant Root Remover
$34.95 $79.95
Tired of Back Bending Work Removing Weeds That Grow Back? Introducing the Standing Plant Root Remover, the quickest way to get rid of those pesky weeds from the root. The biggest reason weeds grow back quickly is the root is still in tact from manually pulling. Uproot the weed within seconds without hurting your back. Clean up your garden this Spring and Summer. Remove Weeds Within Seconds Cleans Up Your Yard 10x Quicker Durable, Lightweight Design Pinches  & Removes From The Root Every Time Specifications: Size: 8 x 36 inches Weight: 540g Color: Green, Chrome Material: Aluminum, Plastic
-51% sale
Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Jig Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Jig
Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Jig
$39.99 $79.99
 Looking For A Way To Cut Through Anything Within Seconds? Our Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Jig creates the ultimate cutting tool to save time working and labor. Think of it as a pencil sharpener; simply clamp it to the rod, position it to the tooth and insert the burr into the guide sleeve, and turn the handle. The Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Jig is the simplest way to sharpen every tooth within seconds. Our jig sharpens at the standard 30° front angle, along with a anodized aluminum fixture with a detachable crank. Enjoy the ease of use and installation with a set of guide bushings, that can be used for all chain saws. Specifications:  Color: Orange Material: Metal and ABS 
Universal 6-Steel Razors Trimmer Head Universal 6-Steel Razors Trimmer Head
Universal 6-Steel Razors Trimmer Head
from $39.99 $79.99
Transform Any Weed Wacker Into A Beast That Slices All Universal Fit For All Trimmers 360° Blades Leaves No Dead Spots Flexible For Different Areas How It works: Attach our Universal 6-Steel Razors Trimmer Head to your weed wacker. It's as simple as one bolt. Cut through every blade of grass with ease. Never worry about extra effort again. Our trimmer head glides through leaving no dead spots. 360° blade DESIGN: Remove the headache of constantly moving the trimmer to get to reach all spots. With our trimmer head you'll have a 360° blade.With the 360° blade you'll cut through all grass within seconds.   USE ON ANY SIZE GARDEN   Our Universal 6-Steel Razors Trimmer Head can handle any sized garden from small to extra large. Make trimming the lawn and removing weeds easier, quicker and in half the time.
Precise Contour Gauge With Lock Precise Contour Gauge With Lock
Precise Contour Gauge With Lock
from $29.99
Looking For An Easier And More Efficient Way To Duplicate Shapes? Trying to guess or free draw a shape onto another is almost impossible to get done accurately. Introducing the Precise Contour Gauge With Lock an easier and more efficient way to create an instant template for curved and irregular-shaped objects.   Leave the guess work behind and avoid complex tools. Simply place the Precise Contour Gauge With Lock onto any shape and start duplicating.      Our contour can be used for woodworking, auto body, auto metal sheet, stainless steel, or any job of contour duplication. Perfect for tiles fitting, laminate and carpet cutting, ceramic and tool mold taking. Features: DUPLICATE: A simple and easier way to create various shapes within seconds. ADJUSTABLE LOCK FUNCTION: Some projects and shapes require a stronger hold so the lock can be adjusted and tighten as needed. This is perfect for more complex and irregular objects.   EASY TO USE: It's so easy to use you can do it using one hand. Fix the pencil in the middle, push and draw, guaranteed no errors. TWO ENDS: Designed with pulley end and pointer end, both ends can be used. The smoother end, is accurate.    Specifications: Material: Metal + ABS Net Weight: 182g Product Size: 23.3 x 3.5x 2.7cm / 9.2 x 1.4 x 1.1 inches  
18 In 1 Mini Snowflake Multitool 18 In 1 Mini Snowflake Multitool
18 In 1 Mini Snowflake Multitool
from $19.99 $39.99
Looking For A Unique And Creative Gift Idea?The holiday season is upon us and with that comes the rush to find the best present for your loved ones. Give something your family and friends have never received and will love.Introducing the 18 In 1 Mini Snowflake Multitool a creative and unique gift idea. Husbands, friends and family will love a handy and small tool they can use with their DIY projects, at home, in the office, even out with friends. It has everything from screw drivers, wrenches, bottle openers, hex keys, that can build, repair and open almost anything. Your husband and family will love this little gem of a tool that can also be put on a keychain.
PowerHose™ High Pressure Cleaner PowerHose™ High Pressure Cleaner
PowerHose™ High Pressure Cleaner
from $39.99 $99.99
#1 pressure cleaner
SuperForce™ Sandblaster Attachment SuperForce™ Sandblaster Attachment
SuperForce™ Sandblaster Attachment
from $49.95 $89.95
 Looking For A Way To Clean & Restore Anything Without Damage? Introducing the SuperForce™ Sandblaster Attachment that gets you that deep clean that will leave any surface spotless. Do you need that little extra power that normal washers can't give you? If you answered yes then you can use our attachement to convert any pressure washer into a super blasting machine capable of removing all filth, paint, rust and more.    Features: NO CLOG: We designed this sand blaster with na anti clog function. Other blasters constantly clog and cause more damage to your washers. Avoid all that with our SuperForce™ Sandblaster Attachment. MULTIPLE GRAINS: Our attachement can handle different grains of sand. Use coarse grain for tougher projects and finer for smaller and easier jobs. SMALL AREAS: It's hard to reach some nooks and crannies, they usually hold a lot of rust and paint. With our blaster you'll be able to blast out any tiny, deep groves within seconds.  CLEVER SET UP: The small compact set up allows you quickly set up the blaster with a exisiting washer, bucket and sand. Simply place one end in the sand, connect to washer and blast away.   Specifications: Pipe Length: 3m Nozzle Material: Copper Other Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic Color: Black Max Pressure: 180bar / 2600psi Max Temperature: 60C / 140F PSI: 1000-4000   Includes: 1x SuperForce™ Sandblaster Attachment 1x 3m Pipe 1x Safety Glasses

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