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I Hated Killing Mice And Rats With Inhumane Traps... Here's What I Did Instead

We almost sold our home because of the mice and rat issue…

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "This Flip N Slide Bucket Lid Mouse Trap is so great, i never have to worry about mice or rats roaming around again. It clips onto any bucket and is so easy to use, it just clicks on." - Heather


No matter what we couldn't keep out the mice. You know the kind that scatter through the walls and ceilings making you jump every time.

My kids got scared and cried frequently whenever they could hear them scratching in their bedrooms...

Every morning we'd wake up to our cupboards and pantry ransacked even with our efforts to catch them, they always made it in. 

My husband and I were so tired of dealing with the mice and rats in our home, we believed this was a safe place for our kids and dog... 

We tried every trap on the market, but they were too smart. They would take the bait without triggering the traps.

We couldn't take it anymore...

We almost sold our home to avoid this issue... until my friend Susan said..

"Have You Heard of The Flip N Slide Mouse Trap?"

One afternoon I went to lunch with my friend Susan who is a realtor, to talk about the best way to sell our home.

She mentioned the market isn't that hot right now to be selling, that we should probably wait a little longer. 

My face must of said it all, because it dropped, a look of frustration and disappointment.

She asked why would I sell such a beautiful home. That set me off into tears...

I told her our story about the mice and rats and she was shocked for a minute, then said this;

"Have You Heard of The Flip N Slide Mouse Trap?"

I gave a puzzled look and said the Flip N Slide Mouse Trap? What's that?

Luckily, My Realtor Friend Had THE SOLUTION To Our Mice & Rat Infestation. 

"It works within the first hour and catches over 12 mice within the first 24 hours"

So what is it?

It's called The Flip N Slide Mouse Trap an automatic trap that lures in mice and rats into the top and drops them straight into a bucket that keeps them trapped, yet does not kill or harm them. This keeps all the toxic bacteria away from your kids and pets.

I remained skeptical that it could catch so many mice in the first 24 hours so I went to check the reviews and what I found was 1000s of 5 star reviews saying how they caught all the rats living in peoples basement, walls, ceilings and more.

There was only one more thing to do and I asked my realtor friend Susan, how many people does she know has this helped. To my surprise she told me her mom, and even herself have used it and they all had success with it.

I was impressed! So I went ahead and ordered the Flip N Slide online, and here's what happened next...

When the Flip N Slide Mouse Trap arrived I followed the instructions and set up the trap and placed the bait throughout the ladder and the top of the slide.

(It was simple to set up and only took me 2 minutes to be ready to catch mice.)

And In Within The First 24 Hours... We Caught 7 Mice

My husband and I checked the bucket and I cried with happiness...

I was so happy that this mouse trap worked. FINALLY we did it, we could save our home and kids.

Within the next 3 days we caught all the mice and rats in our home.

No more scratching inside the walls, ceilings and our cupboards and pantry were left in tack.

Here are a few things I love about the Flip N Slide Mouse Trap

AUTOMATIC RESET: It holds upwards of 30 mice and 10+ medium-sized rats. Normal traps can only hold 1 or 2 maximum.

CLEAN AND NO MESS: Doesn't kill the mice or rat, causing you to clean up a gruesome mess. Dead mice and rats can spread diseases and infect pets and kids easily. With our trap this is all avoided with no mess or killing.

REUSABLE: Comes with an auto reset option, where you never have to buy another trap again. Just simply set up and allow all mice and rats to be collected quickly.

SAFE TO USE: No more toxic diseases or infections being spread from dead mice and rats. This trap is 100% safe for kids and pets.

UPDATE As Of 03/14/2022:
Here's How to Get The Best Price On The Flip N Slide Trap

After months of using the Flip N Slide Mouse Trap we have had more rats and mice come in our home, but they are caught within the first day of setting this trap up. We might have to figure out a way to keep them out permanently.

The trap itself has held up despite holding many different mice and rats, so I can say confidently that it is great quality.

Plus, i just found out that the Flip N Slide Mouse Trap is offering a LIMITED TIME discount on their trap for first-time customers... so if you have been thinking about trying it out, this really is the best time

You'll get 50% OFF!

Plus if, for some crazy reason, you don't catch mice and rats, just contact Home Very Often for a refund. They offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

I just grabbed the deal and ordered 2 more traps to set up more around the home for even faster capture.  

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