Flip N Slide Mouse Trap Flip N Slide Mouse Trap
Flip N Slide Mouse Trap
from $24.99 $79.99
Looking For A Mouse Trap That Automatically Resets And Is Reusable?With our Flip N Slide Bucket Lid Mouse Trap never worry about purchasing multiple mouse traps that can only be used once.Traditional traps harm your pets and even children. Our mouse trap is 100% safe. Catch every last one with our automatic reset feature, simply set and come back later to collect. Top Benefits Automatic Trap Reset Bacteria Free For Pets & Kids Reusable For A Lifetime Our Flip N Slide Trap holds upwards of 30 mice and 10+ medium-sized rats. Normal traps can only hold 1 or 2 maximum. Our trap doesn't kill the mice or rat, causing you to clean up a gruesome mess. Dead mice and rats can spread diseases and infect pets and kids easily. With our trap this is all avoided with no mess or killing. The Flip N Slide Trap comes with an auto reset option, where you never have to buy another trap again. Just simply set up and allow all mice and rats to be collected quickly. No more toxic diseases or infections being spread from dead mice and rats. This trap is 100% safe for kids and pets Specifications: Size: 12 x 4.7 inches Color: Yellow Material: ABS Weight: 14 oz Includes: 1x Flip N’ Slide Bucket Lid, 1x Flip N’ Slide Counter Weighted Plank, 2 Piece Ramp, 1x Instructional Guide
PowerHose™ High Pressure Cleaner PowerHose™ High Pressure Cleaner
PowerHose™ High Pressure Cleaner
from $39.99 $99.99
#1 pressure cleaner
Santa Claus Musical Climbing Rope Santa Claus Musical Climbing Rope
Santa Claus Musical Climbing Rope
from $29.95 $59.95
  This Holiday Season, Decorate Your Home In Style FEATURES: Holiday Fun: Charming near your tree or fireplace, Santa wears his traditional red suit and sings “Jingle Bells”. Perfect Decoration: “Santa Claus is carrying a big gift bag and ready to climb into the chimney of your house, and start distributing gifts, go find your own gifts!” The perfect size is very suitable for hanging on a Christmas tree or indoor and outdoor decoration for parties. Creat Christmas Atmosphere: This Christmas Santa Claus decor provides a strong ambiance of Christmas, and gives you an unforgettable and happy Christmas. Material: The Christmas Santa decoration is made of plastic and plush cloth, the fine stitching makes the decoration strong and durable. Usage: Perfect size is for gifts and crafts, business gifts, holiday gifts, promotion gifts, home decoration.   SPECIFICATIONS: Name: Santa Claus Musical Climbing RopProduct Material: Plush fabricSize:100*12*13cm ⚡️Stock sells fast - get yours today!
Multifunction Stainless Steel Basin Grater Multifunction Stainless Steel Basin Grater
Multifunction Stainless Steel Basin Grater
  Looking For An Easier Way To Prep Your Meals Within Seconds? Our Multifunction Stainless Steel Basin Grater cuts your cooking and preparation time in half with the multi ways to cut, grate and chop all your ingredients. The basin greater can be used to grate vegetables, fruits and more within seconds. Use the drain basin to avoid spillage and can be used to cook in. Features: MULTI FUNCTION: Our grater comes with a 5 in 1 grinder blade that is made from strong stainless steel. The basin grater is perfect for grating potatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots and many vegetables and fruits MULTIPLE CUTS: Along with slicing and grating you have the freedom to cut, chop, slice in different sizes that suits your meal EASY DRAINAGE: With our grater you'll have a drain basin that is convenient to hold the waste and water when rinsing, never worry cleaning up any mess EASY TO CLEAN: The stainless steel basin grater is easy to clean with the parts removed and a quick splash of soap and water cleans all areas without the need for scrubbing.  Specifications: Material: Stainless Steel Weight: 30oz Size: 11.46 x 10.94 x 4.96 inches Package Includes: 1x Grater 1x Basin 1x Container
Adjustable Perfect Eyebrow Stamp Adjustable Perfect Eyebrow Stamp
Adjustable Perfect Eyebrow Stamp
Want To Get Perfectly Defined Eyebrows? Introducing our Adjustable Perfect Eyebrow Stamp, simple with a 2 step application to create beautiful, evenly shaped, natural looking eyebrows within seconds. Features: NATURAL LOOK: If you are after a natural look that has volume and is evenly shaped then our stamp is perfect for you WATERPROOF & SMUDGE PROOF: We ensured to develop a long lasting, waterproof and smudge proof formula to ensure you can wear your beautiful eyebrows for 24 hours if needed ADJUSTABLE: The best part of this eyebrow stamp is the applicator is adjustable to make a slight change every time, so you'll have multiple types of stamps with 1 color EASY TO APPLY: The normal way to apply an eyebrow is though pens or powder, but without a steady hand and lots of time you might not even get it right. With our 2 step applicator you'll stamp and go hassle and mess free Directions: Only 2 steps to getting a perfect eyebrow shape Specifications: Color: Gray, Dark Brown, Light Brown Weight: 4.5g Shapes: Straight, Arch, Curved Includes: 1x Adjustable Perfect Eyebrow Stamp Our Guarantee We truly believe we make some of the most innovative products in the world! You may receive a refund for your new Home Very Often item, provided it is unopened and in its original packaging within 30 days of receiving the order. Once the package is opened it cannot be returned. We have 24/7/365 Ticket and Email Support. Please contact us if you need assistance.
Pump Caddy™ Pump Caddy™
Pump Caddy™
Looking For An Easier And More Convenient Way To Use Your Soap And Sponge? Introducing the Pump Caddy! The one and only solution needed for a quick and convenient way to dispense soap onto your sponge without wasting time or needing multiple hands. Simply put any sponge on the dispenser and press down for soap to dispense. The pump caddy also collects all unused soap without wastage.  Features: CONVENIENT: Make your life easier with the pump caddy, within seconds you'll be cleaning all dishes, benches, bathrooms and more UNIQUE DESIGN: We have perfected the pump caddy design with a quick release pump that releases soap quickly and evenly onto your sponge every time COMPACT: The pump caddy is small and compact to be used and put anywhere without much room taken up. No need to put sponges and soap away anymore with this small beautiful modern design Specifications: Color: gray/silver Material: ABS Package Includes: 1x Pump Caddy™
Close Stool Golf Brush Cleaner Close Stool Golf Brush Cleaner
Close Stool Golf Brush Cleaner
from $19.99 $39.99
#1 toilet brush cleaner
8 Key Mini Thumb Piano (50% Off Special) 8 Key Mini Thumb Piano (50% Off Special)
8 Key Mini Thumb Piano (50% Off Special)
from $19.99 $39.99
Looking For Something Unique And Creative?Introducing the 8 Key Mini Thumb Piano an easy and creative thumb piano that plays amazing music on the go, at home or in the car. Enjoy the clever design of 8 different notes and even give a gift that will be remembered forever.    EASY TO LEARN Don't be afraid of not being able to play, it's as simple as remembering a couple strokes to create amazing musical notes and sounds. We provide all the lessons   PORTABLE With the small size of the mini thumb piano you'll be able to take it anywhere you go including at home, the office, in the car and while travelling     CURVED KEYS  To make it easier to learn and play we have designed the keys curved so they naturally fit in your hands and fingers    CLEVER DESIGN Engraved in our 8 mini keys are the notes, there is no need for stickers and can be used by adults, children, beginners and professionals     Specifications: Material: Wood Size: 8 x 8cm Color: Mahogany, Sapele
Multi-Bladed Quad Veggie Cutter Multi-Bladed Quad Veggie Cutter
Multi-Bladed Quad Veggie Cutter
from $34.99 $79.99
Say Goodbye to Cuts and Long Hours in Food Preparation! ✅ Four blades to cut vegetables multiple styles ✅ A revolutionary design in five colors ✅ Blades are Easy to Exchange ✅ This Cutter is Easy to Clean ✅ It is the Safest Veggie Cutter Ever CUTTING VEGETABLES AND POTATOES NEATLY INTO FOUR STYLES You no longer have to spend a long time preparing food; it's now Cut and Cooks! Prepare your Condiments and Vegetables in a Jiffy! This device will save you time so that you can spend more time cooking and less time chopping up veggies. Plus, it's dishwasher safe, so clean-up is quick and easy too! Your whole family will love this product because it makes eating healthy food fun again. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today! It is Safe for Everyone to Use! The Multi-Bladed Quad Veggie Cutter is the perfect kitchen tool for anyone who wants to cut their vegetables in different shapes and sizes. It's easy to use, fast, and fun! You can even make fries out of potatoes or carrots. And anyone can operate it too! Beautiful Delicacies Start with How you Cut your Veggies Benefits: ELEVATES YOUR KITCHEN GAME 100% Multitasking becomes two-handed and 30 times easier when you're armed with this handy-dandy, multi-bladed veggie cutter. The four blades slice veggies in different sizes—slices, stripes, matchsticks (julienne), and dices—making food prep a breeze for anyone from cooks to kids. DIRTY DISHES? NO PROBLEM The Multi-bladed Quad Veggie Cutter is COMPLETELY dishwasher safe and comes with an attached brush so you can clean it up without any hassle. Please get rid of that embarrassing old relic in your kitchen that was unused because it made everything too hard; not anymore! Make cooking fun again with this jaw-dropper piece of equipment for all occasions.  IT CUTS EVERYTHING Say goodbye to heavy veggies and get shredding! This multi-bladed veggie cutter is the perfect tool for slicing up your cabbage, carrots, zucchini, or potatoes. You'll never look at cutting vegetables the same way again. Why bother with just one blade when you can have four! The bonus is that the Multi-Bladed Quad Veggie Cutter helps chop and slice your vegetables in mere seconds. ADJUSTABLE THICKNESS Tired of cutting veggies with one measly blade that gives you thick or thin slices? Our new veggie cutter will help you get it just perfect! The adjustable thickness helps slice even the tiniest fruit just 0.5 mm thin to thick 8.0mm hearty potato slices. Plus, the blades are stainless steel for maximum safety! How to Use: Step 1: Select the desired blade to use Step 2: Adjust the thickness using the knob Step 3: Cut, Slice, and Dice away! Technical Specifications: 360-degrees adjustable knob Four blades able to cut 30 different cuts Package Includes: 1 x Multi-Bladed Quad Veggie Cutter FAQ: Can you adjust the blade for slicing thickness? Yes, you can. The thickness range is 0.5mm to 8.0mm. Is it able to chop dried herbs like rosemary? It can cut fleshy veggies but not dried herbs. The sticks and twigs of the dry herbs might stick to the blade and run it. Can I use this cutter to make sweet potato slices? Yes, you can. This device is sturdy enough to sustain the effort you will need to slice the sweet potatoes. How do you make veggies come out in small pieces as opposed to long square pieces? You can either slice the vegetables lengthwise before putting them through the chopper or chop them into long squares, set them on the processor, and dice them again. Does this come with a cleaner to remove small pieces? Yes, it does. A small brush is attached to the Multi-Bladed Quad Veggie Cutter that enables you to clean it as soon as you are done using it.
TurboSpa™ TurboSpa™
from $34.99 $79.99
Are Looking For A Shower Head Thats Stronger And More Water Efficient?Ordinary shower heads have low pressure systems and this causes increasing water usage, which increases water bills.Introducing the TurboSpa™ the most efficient and high pressure shower head on the market. With our double skin technology you'll increase your shower experience with higher pressure and less water.   Features: HIGH PRESSURE: Our TurboSpa™ will increase your showers pressure by 200% and has over 100 tiny laser cut holes to produce a unique pattern WATER EFFICIENT: With our shower head you'll be able to reduce the average 15.8 gallon shower by 40%, thats a huge money saver SKIN TECHNOLOGY: Our unique skin technology has a small turbine which generates a higher pressure source for your water EASY TO USE: Simply take off your old head and install our pipe and shower head. There is no extra work to do, you can also use your exisiting shower pipe Specifications: Material: Stainless Steel Weight: 140g Water Inlet: 4 points Package Includes: 1, 2 or 3 TurboSpa™ Shower Head With Pipe
Scream ScareCrow Scream ScareCrow
Scream ScareCrow
from $59.95 $129.95
PREPARE FOR A SCARY HALLOWEEN!  Scarecrow was made to scare away birds and small animals but for this Halloween season, let's just say they lean more towards spooky decor and scaring the neighbors! With the same scary mask from the classic film complete with the long black coat, this scarecrow will be the perfect Halloween addition for your front yard, back porch, or on the first step leading up the house. Halloween Outdoor DecorationPerfect during Halloween you can place it on your porch or use this as part of your costume party, Super increases the horror atmosphere of Halloween!Durable MaterialThe spooky hanging ghost is made of environmentally and durable material combination, light, suitable for outdoor decoration. This horrific ghost face scarecrow is sure to terrify birds, deer, and even your neighbors! Easily RemovableEvery part of our skeleton scarecrow can be disassembled, so you only need to connect each part manually to get a vivid Halloween Scream ScareCrow and disassemble when you longer need it.Ghostface ScarecrowPerfect for Halloween, you can put it on the porch or use it as part of a fancy dress party, hang it and place it at every table or entrance. Absolutely amazing decoration for Halloween! Eye-catching SizeAn easy way to decorate your home or garden for Halloween. Adults, children and friends will love these happy Halloween party vibes!Like A Real GhostWhen swinging in the wind, it flies like a real ghost, so vivid and eye-catching!    Specification:Material: Plastic + ClothSupport bar length: 200 cm/78.7'' (split support rod)Product Includes:1 x Halloween Scream ScareCrow Set
Winter Snow Toys Kit (50% Off Special) Winter Snow Toys Kit (50% Off Special)
Winter Snow Toys Kit (50% Off Special)
from $19.95 $39.95
#1 Gift Idea Looking For A Unique And Creative Gift Idea? The winter holiday season is upon us and with that comes the rush to find the best present for your loved ones and children. Give something your family and friends have never received and will love.Introducing the Winter Snow Toys Kit a creative and unique winter experience. Kids will love building and playing with snow when they can make anything from penguins, ducks, love hearts and more. Your children will have a blast making armies of penguins, ducks and hearts in the snow. BEST WINTER YET Make this winter the most exciting and get your kids playing outside. With our Winter Snow Toys Kit they can choose from penguins, ducks, hearts and more to create armies of them in the yard.     SIMPLE With our simple molds you can fill them up with snow, place down and open to see the amazing creations.     #1 GIFT:  To make gift giving easier this winter toy kit will definitely be the most unique gift they receive this Christmas and winter. You'll be the provider of a fun and creative gift that'll be used for hours.      CLEVER DESIGN Our Winter Snow Toys Kit comes with penguins, ducks and hearts, which gives your kids different options to create. You can even decorate your front porch. To make them eye catching add some color using dye and create different colored penguins, ducks and hearts.    
-51% sale
Silicone Bath Body Brush Silicone Bath Body Brush
Silicone Bath Body Brush
$19.99 $39.99
  Looking For A Way To Clean Those Hard To Reach Areas? The Silicone Bath Body Brush is the perfect solution to get to those hard to reach places. Within in seconds you'll clean and scrub free of dirt, sebum, dead skin making your skin smoother and cleaner.  Features: SKIN IMPROVEMENT: Made of soft food-grade silicone and free of BPA our body brush is soft and comfortable on your skin when cleaning ALL SKIN TYPES: Everyone has different skin types from tough to sensitive. You can be assured that your skin is covered by our body brush and perfect for all including, children, elderly, men and women. For use on external parts of your body - arms, legs, chest, back, feet. DOUBLE SIDED: The body brush has two handles for extra grip and is doubled sided for ease of use and brushing multiple parts of your body at the same time GENTLE: We designed the silicone bath body brush to be gentle on your skin to leave it softer and smoother with the brush heads cleaning dirt from pores and leaving it perfect for exfoliation and brushing away dead skin cells    Specifications: Material: Silica gel Color: Purple, Green, Blue, Pink Size: 30x3.7 inch/80x9.5cm Package Includes: 1 x Silicone Bath Brush Towel
8 Key Mini Thumb Piano (Limited Edition) 8 Key Mini Thumb Piano (Limited Edition)
8 Key Mini Thumb Piano (Limited Edition)
from $19.99
ift giving can be tough trying to find something unique for that special someone, family or friends whether it's for birthdays, anniversaries, valentine's day, mothers day and fathers day, it requires hours of research and time. Don't stress we have you covered with the most unique and creative present they will ever receive.Introducing the 8 Key Mini Thumb Piano an easy and creative thumb piano that plays amazing music on the go, at home or in the car. Enjoy the clever design of 8 different notes and give a gift that will be remembered forever.

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