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Tongue Groove Milling Router Bit Tongue Groove Milling Router Bit
Tongue Groove Milling Router Bit
from $24.99 $39.99
Make Strong Joints Within Minutes With Our Tongue Groove Milling Router Bit Never worry about endless amounts of nails to make sure joints stay in place. Lengthen and connect wooden boards easily without nails. Whats better then nails you ask? precise gaps & tongues, thats what provides strong joints that will hold and stay in place. Features: STRONG JOINTS: Create gaps effortlessly along with tongues that will make strong end to end joints that will last a lifetime. Using our Tongue Groove Milling Router Bit is great for doors, cabinets, tables, shelves, more ANTI KICKBACK: With our bits you'll have sharp kickbacks, but with our router but you'll enjoy a smooth start and finish every time  QUICK AND SHARP: We have ensured to have long lasting sharp blades that will lengthen and connect joints quickly and with a flawless finish.  DURABLE: Made from a strong Carbide Alloy it'll handle all cuts and work over time for you Directions: It is to end join two or more pieces. You run one end through, and then you raise or lower it enough to cut the other piece so that they interlock. It can cut plywood and any joined wood i.e. maple/walnut cutting boards.   Specifications: Diameter: 8mm Material: Tungsten Cobalt Alloy Balance: +/- .003" tolerance Size: 8x24mm, 8x30mm, 8x41mm, 8x51mm Included: 1x Tongue Groove Milling Router Bit
PowerGrind™ Attachment Carving Tool PowerGrind™ Attachment Carving Tool
PowerGrind™ Attachment Carving Tool
from $39.99
  Looking For A Way To Quickly Concave Surfaces? Our PowerGrind™ Attachment Carving Tool allows you to quickly and efficenty concave wood. If you've been struggling with tools and bits that just don't do the job then the PowerGrind™ Attachment Carving Tool is the perfect solution for you. Smooth and perfect every time is what we have achieved with this carving tool. Make all those DIY and woodworking projects come to life with this attachement that can be used with any grinder.  Features: VARIETY: Use the attachement to carve through small bowls, spoons and anything that needs that perfect sculpt SMOOTH: Other tools jump and carve with force, with our attachement you'll have the smoothest and effortless carve without mistakes and jumps ALL GRINDERS: Designed to fit most standard angle grinders. Choose from the 10mm or 14mm which can cater for most grinders on the market.  BUILT TO LAST: A hidden gem of our attachment is while carving it sharpens itself, what more could you want than a carving tool that keeps it self maintained Specifications: Size: 10mm, 14mm Material: Tungsten Carbide Color: Black Package Includes: 1 x PowerGrind™ Attachment Carving Tool
Professional Miter Protractor - 2 Day Delivery Professional Miter Protractor - 2 Day Delivery
Professional Miter Protractor - 2 Day Delivery
  Looking For A Way To Get The Exact Measurement Every Time? Our Professional Miter Protractor helps to make calculations fast and effortless. If you have experienced errors and wrong cuts then you know the pain it is to start over again only to get it millimetres off. With our Professional Miter Protractor you'll lower errors and increase accuracy. Simply place the Professional Miter Protractor on the angle and set to read.  The cut arrow and inbuilt scale shows the most accurate miter joint every time. Features: HARDENED: We have made sure to make our miter protractor from high quality hardened plastic and scratch proof  PORTABLE: When on the go you'll be able to easily store it. Keeping it lightweight and small enough to pack  ACCURATE: When you need something accurate and efficient the professional miter protractor is the solution for you and your measurement needs EASY TO USE: A one handed operation with tightening for a quick and easy measurement every time Specifications: Weight: 113 g Size: 10.5 x 5.8 x 0.8 cm Color: Yellow white Package Includes: 1 x Professional Miter Protractor
22 Teeth Saw Wood Angle Grinder Disc 22 Teeth Saw Wood Angle Grinder Disc
22 Teeth Saw Wood Angle Grinder Disc
from $19.99
  Sculpt Any Project To Perfection With This Grinder Disc If you are looking for a grinder disc that can handle any project and can cut, sculpt, gauge and channel then our 22 Teeth Saw Wood Angle Grinder Disc is the one for you. The 22 Teeth Saw Wood Angle Grinder Disc is the perfect solution to help you glide through your work with ease and perfection every time. Never worry about dull, useless discs every again. Our grinder disc is the solution to all your DIY needs. Features: MAX SPEED: Our grinder disc has a max speed of 14,000 RPM, it can work with all non metal materials such as wood, hard plastic and much more TUNGSTEN CARBIDE: We have used some of the strongest materials to ensure that our 22 teeth saw grinder disc lasts a lifetime, free from rust, corrosion, deformation and breakages CURVED WORK: If you want complete those difficult cuts then using our disc will get you there. It makes cutting, sculpting, gauging and challenging easy EASY TO INSTALL: Simply click in place, place the cover on and tighten Specifications:  Color: Pink, Orange Weight: 158g Material: Tungsten Carbide Maximum speed: 25000rpm Size: 4 inches Package Includes: 1x 22 Teeth Saw Wood Angle Grinder Disc
Air Layering Plant Boxes 3 Pack Air Layering Plant Boxes 3 Pack
Air Layering Plant Boxes 3 Pack
from $12.99
  Looking For A Way To Revive Your Plants Life? Our Air Layering Plant Boxes is the perfect solution to revive another plants life with the simple plant saver method. By using cut stems of parent plants your can encourage a faster rooting process that will help 2x your growing rate. The plant boxes also helps to absorb more nutrition which increase your plants survival rate throughout the plant boxes process. Never worry about a plants life again when using our plant boxes. The design of the boxes protects the branches from rain, wind and extreme hot weather.  Features: NO SEED: With the help of the plant boxes you won't need to use seeds, just simple insert branhces into the box and leave SIMPLE TO USE: Simply clip the the stem that is damaged, then clip in the box, replant and watch as the roots start to grow without any damage to the parent plant PROTECTED: We have ensured that our air layering plant boxes will prevent further damage with the design being stable from rain, wind and extreme weather such as heat DRAINAGE: The plant boxes also have a drainage hole for excess water to escape when needed Specifications:  Material: PP Diameter: 5 cm (Small), 8 cm (Medium), 12 cm (Large) Color: Black, Green Package Includes: 3x Air Layering Plant Boxes
Grafting Shears Pruning Shears Grafting Knife Grafting Shears Pruning Shears Grafting Knife
Grafting Shears Pruning Shears Grafting Knife
  Want To Graft Within Seconds With Speed And Accuracy? Our Grafting Shears Pruning Shears Grafting Knife increases your grafting speed and keeps your roots healthy without the need for lengthy processes and time wasted. Features: SPEED: Our grafting tool is the best and quickest was to graft and continue the growth in your plants  SURVIVAL: By using our tool you'll ensure your plants life NO GAP: Not only do you finish grafting within seconds, increase survival rate, but you also cause no gaps in between the rootstock. You'll be confident that the healing time and survival will be dramatically increased Specifications: Material: Super hard high carbon steel Color: Black Size: Length - 215mm Packaged includes: 1× Grafting Shears Pruning Shears Grafting Knife
Miracle BBQ Grill Mats 2 Pack Miracle BBQ Grill Mats 2 Pack
Miracle BBQ Grill Mats 2 Pack
  Want To Grill Without The Clean Up While Keeping The BBQ Taste? Our Miracle BBQ Grill Mats are the solution to the dreaded BBQ clean up that comes after all the hard work. Never worry about clean up ever again with our grill mats. The secret sauce to your new grilling experience now keeps the bbq taste with real grill marks, but without the need for long clean ups. Our grill mats are nonstick and stop your food from falling through the grill every time. Finally you can cook anything you want on your BBQ grill. Features: NONSTICK: The grill mats are nonstick so never worry about your meat, vegetables or marinate sticking, with flawless turn overs without messing up your food NON TOXIC: The material used on our mats are non toxic, so your food is always safe and can be reused HEAT RESISTANT: Our grill mats can with stand up to 500F degrees (260C) EASY TO USE: The Miracle BBQ Grill Mats are simple to use, simply place 1 or more mats on your grill and heat up, then place your food to cook DISHWASHER SAFE: Can be used in the dishwasher to be reused or wash as normal by hand Specifications: Size: 15.7 x 13inch Material: Fiberglass fabric coated PTFE Color: Black, Copper Package Includes: 2x Miracle BBQ Grill Mats
Weather Stripping Door Seal (5m/16ft) Weather Stripping Door Seal (5m/16ft)
Weather Stripping Door Seal (5m/16ft)
from $24.99 $49.99
  Looking for a less expensive way to keep the cold air out of your home? Every door and window has small cracks that air comes in not only letting cold or hot air in, but creepy crawly's that make themselves home in your house. Our Weather Stripping Door Seal will also help to reduce energy costs. The door seal is simple to install and can be used on almost any door or window in your home from your front door, windows, window frames wardrobes, and much more. Features: FLEXIBLE: Made from 100% silicone material, which allows it to be bent, cut and shaped to fit any door or window frame EASY TO INSTALL: Simply measure your door or window and cut to the desired length and stick on  MULTIPLE USES: Keep the cold and hot air out, but also protect your home from pest and insects infestations TRANSPARENT: Being transparent makes sure no one can tell the difference on your door or window frame keeping the overall look of your home perfect Specifications: Material: Acrylic rubber Color: Transparent Size: 5M Width: 25mm Package Includes: 1x Weather Stripping Door Seal
Potato Grow Bags Planting Bag Growing Sweet Potatoes In Potato Grow Bags Planting Bag Growing Sweet Potatoes In
Potato Grow Bags Planting Bag
from $18.99
Start Your Own Vegetable Garden Without Ever Worrying About Space With This Planting Bag!Aside from flowers, many people love growing vegetables, too! Who doesn’t want to grow their own food while markets sell them for a high price? Healthy food shouldn’t be expensive, that’s why most people opt to grow them on their own. If you’ve been thinking about doing the same thing, but you’re worried that you don’t have enough land space, don’t worry!These potato grow bags can help you start your healthy journey! These potato planting bags are like cloth planters, but for veggies that demand a deeper ground for their roots. Potatoes, carrots, radishes, you name it! You can start growing sweet potatoes in these planting bags, too! You don’t need a wide backyard or a big space to start planting. All you need are these planting bags and you’re good to go! Features: BREATHABLE FABRIC: These grow bags are made of PE material. This material is very sturdy, making these potato grow bags waterproof and heatproof. They’re also non-corrosive, but still very breathable, letting oxygen pass through the potato grow bags so the roots have enough air to breathe. GROW VEGGIES WITHOUT A GARDEN: With these planting bags, you can grow your favorite vegetables and more in the comfort of your own home—even without a garden! Just place your soil and seeds in these grow bags, and place them where they can get enough sunlight. EASY ACCESS SIDE DOOR: Most veggies grow inside the soil. If you want to check if you’re ready for harvesting, these potato growing bags have an easy-access velcro door on the side that won’t interfere with your plant’s state, only with our planting bags. DIFFERENT SIZES AVAILABLE: You can choose from the different sizes of available grow bags that can suit your home and your favorite veggies to plant. Potato Grow Bags Planting Bag Specifications: Material: PE Color: Green Capacity: 5 Gallon 23cm x 28cm, 7 US Gallon 30cm x 35cm Package Includes: 1 x Potato Grow Bags Planting Bag
Raised Planting Bed Boxes Planter Raised Planting Bed Boxes Planter
Raised Planting Bed Boxes Planter
from $19.99
You Can Finally Have Your Own Garden With These Fabric Plant Boxes!Raising a garden is not that hard. But it’s not that easy either! You need a plot of land, a lot of tendering loving care, and time and effort. When you don’t have the space to grow and cultivate your plants, you might think that your situation is hopeless. But it’s not too late for you! You can still have plants as long as you have a decent-sized planter to use.This raised planting bed will solve all of your gardening needs! The raised planting bed is super versatile and folds up if you’re not using it for easy storage and transportation. When it’s time to put the raised planter boxes into good use, simply unfold and you have a spacious round planter that can house a mini garden! Features: HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC MATERIAL: These raised planter boxes are made of high-quality fabric material that does not include any traces of harmful chemicals. Everything included in our planter bed is natural and the fabric is very tough. BREATHABLE: The fabric of this planter bed is breathable, allowing air to pass through and give your plants some much-needed carbon dioxide. Despite that, the soil won’t get through and erode. While the excess water will flush out of the planter bed. FOLDABLE AND EASILY TRANSPORTABLE: If you’re not going to use this planter bed for the meantime, you can easily fold this up into a compact piece of fabric and store in anywhere. The planting bed doesn’t only save space in your garden, it also saves up space in your storage! VERSATILE: You can use this raised planting bed for your indoor or outdoor gardening, vegetable gardening, hydroponics, and more. You can choose from our wide variety of sizes available to fit your mini landscape. Raised Planting Bed Boxes Plater Specifications: Material: Fabric Color: Black Dimensions: 50cm x 20cm, 80cm x 30cm, 70cm x 30cm, 127cm x 30cm, 90cm x 30cm Package Includes: 1 x Raised Planting Bed Boxes Plater
Raised Planting Bed Planter Boxes 5 Pack Raised Planting Bed Planter Boxes 5 Pack
Raised Planting Bed Planter Boxes 5 Pack
Plant Your Own Garden Or Veggie Patch With This Set Of Planting Boxes!Have you always to raise some plants but you don’t have the space to do it? You may be renting an apartment and you don’t have a backyard, or you’ve run out of space in your already busy landscape. But that doesn’t mean that you should give up on your gardening dreams! You can still create a beautiful landscape with the help of raised planter beds!This raised planting bed will turn your dream garden into a reality! But your purchase is not only worth just 1 piece. You’ll be delivered with 5 of these raised planter boxes for all of your gardening needs! Whether you want to grow a vegetable patch, or you want to fill your small space will a fragrant smell of flowers, these raised planter boxes will help you achieve the landscape of your dreams! Features: HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC MATERIAL: Each planter bed is made of a high-quality fabric material that’s safe to use for your plants. They don’t include any traces of harmful chemicals, so they won’t cause any harm to your plant babies. FOLDABLE AND COMPACT: Each planting bed can be folded and stored when not in use. You can take it out when it’s time to put it into use. It won’t take up too much space in your closet or garage! PORTABLE: The raised planting bed is also portable and they’re very easy to transport. Each planter bed has fabric handles on either side so you can easily lift up your planters when you want to rearrange them. GREAT FOR FLOWERING PLANTS & VEGGIES: These raised planter boxes are great for flowering plants and vegetables. Whether you have a small space in your home or you just need more planters for more plants, of course, then these planters will work great for you! Raised Planting Bed Planter Boxes 5 Pack Specifications: Material: Fabric Color: Black Dimensions: 15.74in x 11.81in x 7.87in Package Includes: 5 x Raised Planting Bed Planter Boxes  

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