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Multifunctional Cleaning Claw Multifunctional Cleaning Claw
Multifunctional Cleaning Claw
Do You Want To Easily Solve Drainage and Clogging Problems Once And For All? Clogged pipes and drains are a pain in the neck. Whether you’re dealing with a clogged kitchen sink, shower, or tub, no one wants to face the inconvenience of blocked pipes and drains. Not only do they hamper your daily routine, but removing blockages require cleaning and maintenance that sometimes takes hours -- but not with this Multifunctional Cleaning Claw! The Multifunctional Cleaning Claw provides a quick and easy way to clear out clogged pipes and drains. It’s easy to use, durable, and reliable. With the Multifunctional Cleaning Claw, you can easily remove junk, hair, and dirt to keep your home running smoothly. Features: REMOVES JUNK, HAIR, AND DIRT FROM PIPES AND DRAINS: The Multifunctional Cleaning Claw has a unique push and pull mechanism that is highly effective at removing and pulling out all kinds of blockages -- from junk and dirt to messy hair strands from the Multifunctional Cleaning Claw. EASILY UNCLOG YOUR KITCHEN AND BATHROOM: Tired of constantly having to address clogging issues? With your very own Multifunctional Cleaning Claw, your home will be running smoothly again in a matter of seconds! The handle nicely fits in your hand and is easy to control, as well. A BREEZE TO OPERATE: The Multifunctional Cleaning Claw is simple and easy to use. Simply push the handle, let go, and pull the claw to remove blockages and dirt from your sink, bathtub, or shower drain. FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE: The Multifunctional Cleaning Claw is thin enough to be flexible but durable enough to withstand even heavier loads. The Multifunctional Cleaning Claw flexible body conveniently folds and twists depending on the shape of the pipeline you’re cleaning. Convenience guaranteed with the Multifunctional Cleaning Claw!  Multifunctional Cleaning Claw Specifications:  Color: Silver with orange Size: 60 cm (length) Weight: 75 grams Material: PP, Iron Wire Package Includes:  1 x Multifunctional Cleaning Claw

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