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Weather Stripping Door Seal (5m/16ft) Weather Stripping Door Seal (5m/16ft)
Weather Stripping Door Seal (5m/16ft)
from $24.99 $49.99
  Looking for a less expensive way to keep the cold air out of your home? Every door and window has small cracks that air comes in not only letting cold or hot air in, but creepy crawly's that make themselves home in your house. Our Weather Stripping Door Seal will also help to reduce energy costs. The door seal is simple to install and can be used on almost any door or window in your home from your front door, windows, window frames wardrobes, and much more. Features: FLEXIBLE: Made from 100% silicone material, which allows it to be bent, cut and shaped to fit any door or window frame EASY TO INSTALL: Simply measure your door or window and cut to the desired length and stick on  MULTIPLE USES: Keep the cold and hot air out, but also protect your home from pest and insects infestations TRANSPARENT: Being transparent makes sure no one can tell the difference on your door or window frame keeping the overall look of your home perfect Specifications: Material: Acrylic rubber Color: Transparent Size: 5M Width: 25mm Package Includes: 1x Weather Stripping Door Seal
Magic Inductive Drawing Toys (Special Offer) Magic Inductive Drawing Toys (Special Offer)
Magic Inductive Drawing Toys (Special Offer)
from $24.99 $59.99
#1 Gift Idea Looking For A Unique And Creative Gift Idea?The holiday season is upon us and with that comes the rush to find the best present for your loved ones and children. Give something your family and friends have never received and will love.Introducing the Magic Inductive Drawing Toys a creative magical toy that entertains for hours and develops brains of children with hand eye coordination. Your kids will spend hours playing with it, drawing endless lines. We made the Magic Drawing Toys for kids to create their own world with lines in any direction. No matter what shape they create our toys will follow their desires.   Benefits: IMPROVES BRAIN: Don't be afraid of creative entertainment. Your kids will love entertaining themselves drawing lines, shapes and different sizes before the toy reaches them, making them think quicker and more efficiently. ENDLESS: With the magic drawing toys when does it end? Never your kids will be drawing for hours while having fun catching the drawing toy and making different loops. #1 GIFT: To make gift giving easier this toy will definitely be the most unique gift they receive this Christmas. You'll be the provider of a fun gift that'll be used for hours on Christmas Day.  CLEVER DESIGN: Our Magic Drawing Toys follows any line with a marker on any paper size. For more fun, use on a large paper for huge loops and tracks for our toy to follow along. Frequently Asked Questions: Do you still ship during the COVID-19 regulations? Yes! Our shipping services remain open despite the COVID-19 outbreak and regulations. What size is this drawing toy? 5.8cm x 6.7cm x 4cm / 2.28 x 2.6 x 1.6 inches Does it come with instructions? Yes we show you how to use it What styles does it come in? Choose from a excavator, train or car What is the shipping times? We ship worldwide. To the USA it is between 5-8 business day this includes shipping and handling times.  Customer Review: "I gave this as a gift to my best friend and her daughter, she said it was the cutest gift she had received. I love how much her daughter loved it. Thanks guys can't recommend enough" - Joan   100% Money Back Guarantee 
Lazy Bird Nest Hairpin Lazy Bird Nest Hairpin
Lazy Bird Nest Hairpin
from $19.99 $39.99
Want Your Hair To Never Be The Problem Again?When your hair isn't looking right or feels off it can ruin your day before it's begun. Hair claws are uncomfortable and restrictive to style with them.Introducing the Lazy Bird Nest Hairpin the most flexible hair tool that keeps your hair up all day long with over 5 different hair styles to create. Simply pinch your hair, roll it up and style into a bun, pony tail and much more.Forget about the old hair ties and claws and get an easier more stylish way.  Holds Your Hair Up All Day Over 5 Hairstyles In One Rated Best Hair Accessory We designed this Lazy Bird Nest Hairpin with 2 things in mind, comfort and functionality. The claws in our hairpin are soft and strong to hold onto your hair without the pain that some normal claws cause with excessive use. Easily hold and style your hair into a french bun, high bun, up do, ponytail and much more within seconds. We have handpicked these matte finished colors for the most common occasions and the most elegant. Choose from black, coffee and pink to fit your style and mood. The small compact design allows you to hold your Lazy Bird Nest Hairpin in your purse and handbags with ease. Enjoy our hairpin for all hair types from thin, thick, wavy and textured hair. The unique function clamps into your hair holding firm without pain. Specifications: Size: 6cm x 6cm Material: ABS Color: Black, Coffee, Pink
Washing Machine Deep Cleaning Tablets Washing Machine Deep Cleaning Tablets
Washing Machine Deep Cleaning Tablets
from $19.99 $39.99
  Looking For A Way To Keep Your Washing Machine Clean And Bacteria Free? Our Washing Machine Deep Cleaning Tablets is the easiest and most effective way to clean and wash your washing machine from the inside without the need for scrubbing or harsh chemicals that could seep into your clothing when used again. Use our washing machine tablets to clean out the build up of bacteria and protect your family from dirt and grim build up that can cause skin allergies and bacteria reactions.  Features: DISSOLVE: Our tablets are dissolvable and penetrate to remove odor causing residue, soil, minerals, detergent and prevents build up of malodor, which can be harmful when transferred to your clothing ALL WASHERS: The washing machine tablets can be used in all washing machines from front and top loaders, high efficiency (HE) and conventional washers EASY TO USE: Simply empty your washer and place 1 tablet in and set the clean washer, rinse + spin or drum clean. The easiest solution without any disassemble or extra steps SAFE: Our washing machine tablets are 100% safe for your clothing and helps to protect your clothing with every fresh wash Specifications: Size: 2.6 x 2.6 x 1.25 cm / 1 x 1 x 0.5 inches  Color: Blue and White Package Includes: 15, 30, or 60x Washing Machine Deep Cleaning Tablets
1080p Wireless 360 WIFI Light Bulb Security Camera 1080p Wireless 360 WIFI Light Bulb Security Camera
1080p Wireless 360 WIFI Light Bulb Security Camera
from $59.99
Looking For A Way To Conceal Your Security Camera In Your Home & Garden?     Purchasing expensive security camera set ups can become super expensive not only for the cameras, but the installation can be a headache. If you are looking for an easier and more efficient way to have security step in your home, garden, office, warehouse and more then we introduce you to the 1080p Wireless 360 WIFI Light Bulb Security Camera.   The only wireless security camera that directly connects into any exisiting light bulb and is connected via WIFI to have a live feed directly on your phone.   The security light bulb is wireless and super easy to install. Simply screw into any normal R27 bulb base (110V-240V). Once in set up the WIFI connection to our app and within minutes you'll have recording and a live feed set up.     Motion detection in real time allows you to catch onto anything within seconds. Once the camera detects motion it will automatically record and notify you through our app.     Crystal clear video with our 1080p WIFI camera, while also being able to move 360 degrees, proving you the perfect sense of security from all angles, you'll never have a blind spot again.   Not only can our light bulb camera pick up video, it also records two way audio with the in built microphone and speaker.    Specifications: Material: ABS Night vision range: 10-15m Supports: IOS, Android 4.0 or above Wireless Network: WIFI Size: 5.9 x 2.5 inches Color: Black, White
-51% sale
Universal Adjustable Shower Bracket Universal Adjustable Shower Bracket
Universal Adjustable Shower Bracket
$24.99 $49.99
  Looking For A Way To Hang Your Shower Head Anywhere? Our Universal Adjustable Shower Bracket allows you to clip your shower head to any wall and any position with ease. Never worry about the position or height of your shower head again.  The shower bracket is designed with a 360-degree angle adjustment for the perfect angle for adults and children. Features: EAYS TO INSTALL: our shower bracket doesn't require any tools. No drills, screwdrivers, nails or screws. Simply use the suction cup and press down to compress on any surface within seconds ANY POSITION: Our shower bracket allows you to place the shower arm at any height and easy to move around as needed. This allows you to clean yourself, kids and pets freely without struggle 360-DEGREE ANGLE: We have designed the bracket to adjust and move in a 360 degree motion. Making it easier for you to adjust the angle needed for the perfect clean POWERFUL SUCTION: You'll be confident in our shower bracket holding any shower head up to 8.5lbs with the powerful suction cup ALL SURFACES: This shower head bracket is able to be used on most standard shower heads and can be used on all kinds of smooth walls, marble, metal plates, smooth wood, paint boards, ceramic tiles, smooth glass and much more Specifications:  Color: Dark Green, Gray, White, Blue Yellow Size: 2.55 x 6.37 x 1.77 inches Material: PP Package Includes: 1x Universal Adjustable Shower Bracket
-51% sale
Waterfall Incense Burner Fountain Waterfall Incense Burner Fountain
Waterfall Incense Burner Fountain
$49.99 $99.99
Want A Calming Beautiful Addition To Your Room? Create a relaxing atmosphere. Keep daily tensions low with our high-quality incense and this entrancing smokey waterfall. Reduce anxiety and stress with our waterfall incense burner fountain. You'll fall in love with the soothing feeling that the Waterfall Incense brings with real smoke falling throughout the burner. Features: CERAMIC: A strong material that will ensure your incense burner will last a long time COLLECTING: Don't worry about a mess from the burnt incense, it is collected at the bottom, keeping your space mess free SOOTHING: The look and smell brings soothing and calm feeling every time Specifications: Color: A, B, C, D Size:19.8 x 11cm Material: Ceramic Package Includes: 1x Waterfall Incense Burner Fountain 10x Incense
CloudDreamer™ Sleep Pillow - New CloudDreamer™ Sleep Pillow - New
CloudDreamer™ Sleep Pillow - New
from $39.99 $89.99
It's hard enough falling asleep with neck and back pain, but staying asleep is the challenge. Tossing and turning during the night causes you to wake up tired with a stiff neck and back. What if there was a way to stay asleep and remove all pain?Introducing the CloudDreamer™ Sleep Pillow the perfect solution for posture, neck and back pain. Our sleep pillow ensures your body is always in the right position to avoid pain and your posture is aligned.Perfect for all types of sleepers 
CacDance™ - Funny Talk Back Dancing Cactus CacDance™ - Funny Talk Back Dancing Cactus
CacDance™ - Funny Talk Back Dancing Cactus
from $39.99 $79.99
The #1 Trending Toy for Kids.
PowerGrind™ Attachment Carving Tool PowerGrind™ Attachment Carving Tool
PowerGrind™ Attachment Carving Tool
from $39.99
  Looking For A Way To Quickly Concave Surfaces? Our PowerGrind™ Attachment Carving Tool allows you to quickly and efficenty concave wood. If you've been struggling with tools and bits that just don't do the job then the PowerGrind™ Attachment Carving Tool is the perfect solution for you. Smooth and perfect every time is what we have achieved with this carving tool. Make all those DIY and woodworking projects come to life with this attachement that can be used with any grinder.  Features: VARIETY: Use the attachement to carve through small bowls, spoons and anything that needs that perfect sculpt SMOOTH: Other tools jump and carve with force, with our attachement you'll have the smoothest and effortless carve without mistakes and jumps ALL GRINDERS: Designed to fit most standard angle grinders. Choose from the 10mm or 14mm which can cater for most grinders on the market.  BUILT TO LAST: A hidden gem of our attachment is while carving it sharpens itself, what more could you want than a carving tool that keeps it self maintained Specifications: Size: 10mm, 14mm Material: Tungsten Carbide Color: Black Package Includes: 1 x PowerGrind™ Attachment Carving Tool
Roll Up Piano™ Roll Up Piano™
Roll Up Piano™
from $59.99
#1 roll up piano
HVO™ Fur Broom Pet Hair Removal with Squeegee (2021 Upgrade) HVO™ Fur Broom Pet Hair Removal with Squeegee (2021 Upgrade)
HVO™ Fur Broom Pet Hair Removal with Squeegee (2021 Upgrade)
Are You Stressed About All The Hair? If you are looking for a tool that makes all the messes and cleaning an easy job then we have the solution for you. Introducing the HVO™ Fur Broom Pet Hair Removal with Squeegee now with the 2021 upgrade. With our fur broom you'll be able to grab and clean up any hair that gets caught on the carpet, furniture, clean dust, dirt, sand, windows with the squeegee and much more. Features: INJECTION TECHNOLOGY: Our new fur broom is created with 100% silicone injection technology which allows it to collect dust, dirt, and pet hair within seconds. It is perfect for all surfaces from wet, dry hard or soft WINDOWS: Did we say windows? yes that's right use our fur broom with squeegee to clean windows and glass. Simply use the other end BUILT TO LAST: We designed the HVO broom to last for life with the high quality bristles it'll never wear down EASY TO USE: Never worry about scrubbing or sweeping hard to just get those tough hairs out or dirt, simply sweep effortlessly to get all the hair and dirt out within seconds Specifications: Size: 122cm Length Material: Silicone, rubber, plastic Color: Yellow, Gray, Green Package Includes: 1x HVO™ Fur Broom Pet Hair Removal with Squeegee (2021 Upgrade)
-51% sale
Under Door Draft Guard Stopper Under Door Draft Guard Stopper
Under Door Draft Guard Stopper
$19.95 $39.95
  Looking For A Way To Keep The Cold Or Hot Air Out? Never worry about spending $1000s on air conditioning and still not getting the right temperature in your home. Have you been wondering where all this dust came from constantly. Our Under Door Draft Guard Stopper is the perfect solution for you to keep the cool or hot air in your home during summer and winter. Our under drafter stopper also keeps bugs and dust out. Perfect to also reduce noise coming from outside. Features: ALL SIZES: Fits doors up to 36 inches length. The foam tubes and vinyl can be cut down to fit any door size as well as windows. You can use our draft stopper for your front door, back door, garage entry door, bedroom door, bathroom door, and much more WINDOWS: The door stopper can be used for windows as well. Cut draft stopper to size for windows to help prevent drafts and seal in hot or cold air. Flexible material allows for the draft stopper to form fit to your windows TEMPERATURE: you'll be able to regulate the temperature inside your home without worry of either cool or hot air escaping from doors and windows. Simply install a under drafter stopper on each window and door today Specifications: Size: 2.5x98cm. Material: foam, fabric Color: Black, Gray, Khaki Package Includes: 1x Under Door Draft Guard Stopper

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