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Mini Professional Pottery Wheel Mini Professional Pottery Wheel
Mini Professional Pottery Wheel
from $59.95 $119.95
#1 mini pottery wheel
HVO™ Fur Broom Pet Hair Removal with Squeegee (2021 Upgrade) HVO™ Fur Broom Pet Hair Removal with Squeegee (2021 Upgrade)
HVO™ Fur Broom Pet Hair Removal with Squeegee (2021 Upgrade)
Are You Stressed About All The Hair? If you are looking for a tool that makes all the messes and cleaning an easy job then we have the solution for you. Introducing the HVO™ Fur Broom Pet Hair Removal with Squeegee now with the 2021 upgrade. With our fur broom you'll be able to grab and clean up any hair that gets caught on the carpet, furniture, clean dust, dirt, sand, windows with the squeegee and much more. Features: INJECTION TECHNOLOGY: Our new fur broom is created with 100% silicone injection technology which allows it to collect dust, dirt, and pet hair within seconds. It is perfect for all surfaces from wet, dry hard or soft WINDOWS: Did we say windows? yes that's right use our fur broom with squeegee to clean windows and glass. Simply use the other end BUILT TO LAST: We designed the HVO broom to last for life with the high quality bristles it'll never wear down EASY TO USE: Never worry about scrubbing or sweeping hard to just get those tough hairs out or dirt, simply sweep effortlessly to get all the hair and dirt out within seconds Specifications: Size: 122cm Length Material: Silicone, rubber, plastic Color: Yellow, Gray, Green Package Includes: 1x HVO™ Fur Broom Pet Hair Removal with Squeegee (2021 Upgrade)
Gnome Door Hanger Gnome Door Hanger
Gnome Door Hanger
  Looking For A Door Hanger That Is Perfect All Seasons? Our Gnome Door Hanger is the easiest way to have a beautiful door hanger all year round. The door hanger is 12 inches tall and comes with 19 shapes that are painted by hand, they are easily switched to match your overall homes decor and style. Features: BEST WELCOME: Your friends and neighbours will love the funny and warm welcome with the gnome door hanger CHANGES: Changing the door hanger takes only a few seconds to replace the shape and style for the season or how you feel that week HANDMADE: The gnome door hanger is handmade and painted with amazing colors GREAT GIFTS: You can give our door hangers as a gift for family and friends. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming gifts and much more Specifications: Material: Wood Size: 30 x 40cm Package Includes: 1x Gnome Door Hanger 19x Shapes
Magic Anti Mold Peel & Stick Self Adhesive Caulk Tape Strip Magic Anti Mold Peel & Stick Self Adhesive Caulk Tape Strip
Magic Anti Mold Peel & Stick Self Adhesive Caulk Tape Strip
  Want To Caulk Your Home But Don't Want The Mess Or Damage? Our Magic Anti Mold Peel & Stick Self Adhesive Caulk Tape Strip is the easiest way to caulk your home within seconds without the mess or damage to your home. Simply peel, stick and finish. Using caulk tape provides you peace of mind making any part of your home look brand new instantly. Features: NON TOXIC: Our tape is made from non toxic materials so you can be confident with children and pets around in any area of your home EASY TO APPLY: The tape doesn't require any tools. It is waterproof and self adhesive so it makes your job easier every time. Simply peel, and stick to the surface and press firmly VERSATILE: Our magic anti mold caulk tape can be used on everything from gas stoves, sinks, basins, bathtubs, toilets, walls and much more  DURABLE: Made from high quality PVC material makes it stronger than normal PVC. Enjoy a waterproof, damp proof, mold proof area when using our tape Specifications: Color: White Material: PVC Size: 3.2M x 38MM (L x W) Package Includes: 1 x Magic Anti Mold Peel & Stick Self Adhesive Caulk Tape Strip
LED Closet Light LED Closet Light
LED Closet Light
  Having Trouble Seeing Everything Inside Your Closet? The LED Closet Light provides you with the exact amount of light to see everything in your closet without the need to turn it on and off. If you are in a rush there's no need to throw your clothes around just to see what you have. With our LED closet light you'll be in and out within seconds.  Features: AUTOMATIC SENSOR: The LED closet light is built with motion sensing auto-on within 15 ft, and it also auto turns off after 12-18 seconds. Make sure the place is dark that the LED closet light is placed to ensure it turns off EASY TO INSTALL: The simplest installation for any LED light. Simply strip off the adhesive strip of 3M and stick to any surface, it is also easy to remove and place somewhere else. MULTI-PURPOSE: With our LED Closet Light you'll be able to use it anywhere from the attic, basement, car, chicken cope, child's room, closet, cupboard, drawer, emergency supplies storage room, garage, greenhouse, hutch, mailbox, medicine cabinet, gun safe, storm cellar, storage unit, tool shed, vanity mirror, workstation and much more.   Specifications: Materials: High-Quality Aviation Aluminum Package Contents: Induction Light × 1, USB × 1 Size: 6LED (98 x 30 x 15mm),10LED (190 x 30 x 15mm) Package Includes: 1x LED Closet Light (10 LEDS)
The Magic Space Saving Hanger 2 Pack The Magic Space Saving Hanger 2 Pack
The Magic Space Saving Hanger 2 Pack
  Looking For A Way To Store More Clothing Without Throwing Any Out? Our The Magic Space Saving Hangers is solution for you to store more without having to reduce the amount of clothing you have. Within seconds you can organize, store and easily access all your clothes with our The Magic Space Saving Hangers. Made from strong stainless steel you'll never worry about flimsy hangers that break at the first sign of weight. Our space saving hangers are proven to hold 6 items of clothing with ease. Features: SPACE SAVING: With 6 holes you can hang more and easily drop vertically for extra space and still have all items securely on our space saving hanger  STRONGER: Most space saving hangers are made from cheap plastic that bend and break quickly. With our metal space saving hangers you'll feel at ease IDEAL FOR ALL HOMES: The metal space saving hangers can be used in any home and any closet that needs that extra space. It is perfect for apartments, houses, dorms and much more QUICK: Within seconds you can change the position of the hanger from horizontal to vertical for some extra room without comprising the items on the hanger. You'll love the extra space for more clothes    Specifications: Material: Stainless steel Size: 25 x 5 x 4cm / 9.84 x 1.97 x 1.57 in Weight: 130g Package Includes: 2x The Magic Space Saving Hangers
Crystal Fountain Pen Set Crystal Fountain Pen Set
Crystal Fountain Pen Set
from $29.99
#1 crystal fountain pen
Magic Inductive Drawing Toys (Special) Magic Inductive Drawing Toys (Special)
Magic Inductive Drawing Toys (Special)
from $24.99 $59.99
#1 Gift Idea Looking For A Unique And Creative Gift Idea?The holiday season is upon us and with that comes the rush to find the best present for your loved ones and children. Give something your family and friends have never received and will love.Introducing the Magic Inductive Drawing Toys a creative magical toy that entertains for hours and develops brains of children with hand eye coordination. Your kids will spend hours playing with it, drawing endless lines. We made the Magic Drawing Toys for kids to create their own world with lines in any direction. No matter what shape they create our toys will follow their desires.   Benefits: IMPROVES BRAIN: Don't be afraid of creative entertainment. Your kids will love entertaining themselves drawing lines, shapes and different sizes before the toy reaches them, making them think quicker and more efficiently. ENDLESS: With the magic drawing toys when does it end? Never your kids will be drawing for hours while having fun catching the drawing toy and making different loops. #1 GIFT: To make gift giving easier this toy will definitely be the most unique gift they receive this Christmas. You'll be the provider of a fun gift that'll be used for hours on Christmas Day.  CLEVER DESIGN: Our Magic Drawing Toys follows any line with a marker on any paper size. For more fun, use on a large paper for huge loops and tracks for our toy to follow along. Frequently Asked Questions: Do you still ship during the COVID-19 regulations? Yes! Our shipping services remain open despite the COVID-19 outbreak and regulations. What size is this drawing toy? 5.8cm x 6.7cm x 4cm / 2.28 x 2.6 x 1.6 inches Does it come with instructions? Yes we show you how to use it What styles does it come in? Choose from a excavator, train or car What is the shipping times? We ship worldwide. To the USA it is between 5-8 business day this includes shipping and handling times.  Customer Review: "I gave this as a gift to my best friend and her daughter, she said it was the cutest gift she had received. I love how much her daughter loved it. Thanks guys can't recommend enough" - Joan   100% Money Back Guarantee 
Astronaut LED Night Lights Astronaut LED Night Lights
Astronaut LED Night Lights
from $49.99
Beautiful LED night lights perfect for any room in the home.

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